Uncategorized February 27, 2017

Selling? Here Is The “Early Bird” To Do List

If you are thinking of selling your Tam O’ Shanter real estate, you will want to read this blog. Typically, sellers come out full force in the spring, however there are a few things you can do to get your home ready for peak buying season. After all, if you wait until the weather is a little more desirable, your home for sale in Tam O’ Shanter may not be ready for market until later on.  Here is a list of “to dos” before you list:

Find a Tam O’ Shanter real estate specialist

This is the most important step. Before you even start on the updates and repair, find a local Tam O’ Shanter real estate expert to advise you on the sale of your home. You could potentially waste a lot of money making unnecessary repairs with the hopes it will improve your home’s value when you don’t even need to. Here are the traits to look for:

  • You want someone who is a local expert. Ask them how many listings they have sold in the area recently. I personally have sold over $18 million just in Tam O’ Shanter in the last two years.
  • Ask them how quickly the homes sit on the market. My listings sit on the market about 7 days before accepting an offer.

Let people know you are selling

When you find a Tam O’ Shanter realtor early on, they can start marketing via word of mouth. It also gives them time to prepare your home. I personally have a list of vendors I use to get a home for sale in Tam O’ Shanter ready for market. From the painter to the roofer to the stager to the professional photographer, it takes a village. However, it is so worth it. Not to mention, a majority of the homes I have sold in Tam O’ Shanter have been sold off market simply because I know who is looking to sell and I know who is looking to buy.

When making repairs, focus on the interior

Once you have spoken with your Tam O’ Shanter realtor, start taking the necessary steps to get the interior ready. Curb appeal is crucial, but it doesn’t make sense to make any repairs or upgrades until bad weather is a thing of the past. Instead, follow your realtors guide and start working on the small repairs like that leaky faucet or getting the HVAC appliances serviced. If you would like to make bigger upgrades, such as repainting or reflooring, I have service providers I have worked with in the past and would be happy to share their information.


Speaking of interior, clutter is a HUGE turn off to buyers. If you have a lot of stuff taking up space in your home, it is hard for serious buyers to really gauge how much space your home has. Experts have also stated that buyers are more receptive to a neutral home, which means less of your personal items. So pick a room every couple of weeks and go through the items you want to keep and put in storage, what needs to be tossed and what needs to be donated. This is also important as I personally spend about $2,500 on professional staging for every single one of my listings. This helps homes sell faster and for more money. My stagers personally prefer a “clean slate” so they can do their job and get the best results for you.

For more information on selling your home in Tam O’ Shanter, give me a call. I would be happy to assist you with this process.