Uncategorized November 29, 2016

Buying Or Selling? Why You Should Use A Realtor

I have discussed the importance of using a Tam O’ Shanter realtor when selling your home in past blogs. Using a qualified neighborhood realtor is truly important regardless of whether you are a buyer or a seller. Bellevue, WA real estate is quite the journey and, while exciting, can present some obstacles. Having a qualified Tam O’ Shanter realtor in your corner when it is time to buy or sell is more important than ever now that higher mortgage rates and home prices are on the horizon. So just to recap, here are some important reasons you should not go it alone when it comes to one of the biggest financial investments a person can make.

The Price

If you are selling, it is crucial for your home to be priced correctly from the start. If you are buying, you don’t want to overpay for Bellevue, WA real estate. So how do you know that the price is right? By using a qualified Tam O’ Shanter realtor that knows the market. Per the National Association of Realtors, an average FSBO home sells for $185,000 while an agent assisted home sells for $245,000. That is a difference of $60,000! Not to mention, there is a lot of news about what is going on the real estate industry across the country right now. Home sales and prices may be up in one area and could be down in another. You need someone who has their finger on the pulse of the local Bellevue, WA real estate market.

The Paperwork

Every single state has different rules and regulations when it comes to the sale of one’s home. These are constantly changing too.  Whether you are buying or selling, you need someone who is in expert not only in the local market, but can walk you through the appropriate forms necessary to execute a successful real estate transaction.

The Steps

Some real estate experts state that there is a possibility for OVER 230 possible steps that could take place during a successful real estate transaction. That is a LOT of steps. This is also proof that Tam O’ Shanter real estate is so much more than simply putting a for sale sign in the yard or just writing an offer and having it get accepted with no stipulations or negotiations. You need a qualified Bellevue, WA realtor who not only knows these steps, but can guide you through each one intuitively.

The Negotiations

Just because you can talk down a car salesmen or get a screaming deal on a piece of furniture does not make you an expert negotiator. Negotiating goes WAY beyond just one party. You have a list of people to deal with from the appraiser to the home inspector. Your offer could have been accepted, but these are the people that can make or break your deal. Working with a qualified Bellevue, WA real estate agent who knows how to work with the vendors will make your closing a lot smoother.

In all things, we trust the experts. When you are sick, you go to a trusted doctor. If your car needs repairs done, you go to a trusted mechanic. Real estate is no different. When making a big financial decision like buying real estate, you should pick a trusted Tam O’ Shanter real estate expert. For information on buying or selling, give me a call.