Uncategorized September 27, 2016

The Importance Of Knowing Your Home’s Worth

If you have been wondering what your Tam O’ Shanter real estate is worth, you aren’t the only one. It is very natural to wonder what your investments are worth at any given time. When it comes to Bellevue, WA real estate, it is very important to know the right answer if you want to sell. After all, what it is worth will dictate the asking price. If the home isn’t price appropriately, you risk it sitting on the market. So how do you find the right number? There are a couple different methods that can help you figure it out.

Get an online home value estimate

This is a great, quick and easy way to get a ball park (key word) idea on the fly. Simply go to your favorite real estate website and enter your address. You will instantly receive a price based on square footage and recent home sales in Tm O’ Shanter. Whatever you do, do not let this number get stuck in your head as the number. Automated valuation models were created for investors who needed info quickly and do not include crucial details that are pertinent for picking the right price. Only a Bellevue, WA Realtor can help you with that.

Tap a real estate agent’s expertise

Speaking of which, a Tam O ‘Shanter Real estate agent specializes in answering this question by running “comps”. The more informative explanation of this is known as running a comparative market analysis. We do this by finding similar properties in the neighborhood that sold within the past 90 days. From there, your realtor will help you size up your current competition. After all, if your home is overpriced for the area, you should probably have a good reason you can quickly explain when people want to know why yours has a higher price.

Remain objective

Most sellers of Tam O’ Shanter real estate think their home is worth more than it is because of the attachment they have to it. How could one possibly put a number on life’s major events and memories? Or what about all those spendy upgrades? Regardless of what your home happens to be worth, just remember that you need to know what the actual price is and you should stick to it regardless of your feelings. After all, Bellevue, WA real estate that sits on the market too long can become suspicious in the eyes of buyers. People assume there is something wrong with it and will look it over for other homes for sale in the area. Listing your home at the market value will not only generate more interest, but can help you move it quickly and for more money.

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